Restaurant Cleanliness Plays a Huge Role in Boosting Customer Loyalty

Restaurant Cleanliness Plays a Huge Role in Boosting Customer Loyalty

Customer satisfaction is key to the success of any restaurant. Satisfied customers become, after all, loyal patrons and brand ambassadors following a great restaurant experience. Among the elements that comprise customer satisfaction, cleanliness plays a big, if often overlooked, role. Restaurant owners would be wise to pay attention to cleanliness and hygiene and how it can increase restaurant profits.

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In the meantime, we’ll explain how restaurant sanitation can help you boost customer loyalty and satisfaction:

Restaurant Cleanliness Affects Diner Perceptions

M/A/R/C Research, a marketing research and consulting firm, conducted a retail consumer study and found that 14% of the participants would stop visiting a store if it failed to meet their standards for cleanliness.

The level of restaurant cleanliness went beyond clean floors and sanitized kitchens, however — even food hygiene ratings carry a greater influence over a diner’s choice of a restaurant than the quality of its customer service. A study by Checkit, a food safety management company, shares that 66% of respondents consider bad food hygiene as the reason they refuse to return to a restaurant, as opposed to the 16% of consumers who were put off by slow or poor services.

Restaurants Fail to Conduct Routine Maintenance

Lax restaurant hygiene can have far-reaching consequences. Restaurants risk cross-contamination due to poor hygiene and overall lack responsible food handling practices.

A recent survey from Procter & Gamble, a multi-national consumer goods corporation, however, reveals that 85% of surveyed cleaning professionals that served businesses in the food service and hospitality industry tend to settle for less when it comes to the cleanliness of their facility.

After a cleaning service company performs a deep clean at a location, for instance, owners and operators tend to overlook the importance of regular site maintenance. Conducting regular cleaning work, on the other hand, is essential to keeping customer experiences positive.

Restaurant owners and operators should, therefore, make it their goal to establish a regular cleaning schedule and educate employees on how to keep restaurants presentable and sanitary.

Best Practices to Maintain Restaurant Cleanliness

Keeping a restaurant spick-and-span is one of the best ways to create a wonderful impression of your restaurant to boost customer loyalty and satisfaction. So, pay attention to these touch points to promote the perception of better cleanliness at your restaurant:

  • Sparkling floors – Refrain from keeping your floors dirty and sticky because it is a sign of an unclean restaurant. Teach your staff the proper cleaning techniques to sweep and mop the floors every day. Furthermore, rotating deep cleaning sections can prevent the build-up of dirt and grime.
  • Clean restrooms – Dirty bathrooms can be a major source of customer complaints. It can, after all, leave customers wondering if the kitchen is as dirty as the restroom. Restaurants that assign staff to keep the restrooms clean and its supplies fully stocked enjoy better brand image.
  • Maintained cash registers and countertops – The area where customers place orders is crucial to a customer’s positive perception of a brand. While ordering, customers could notice the condition of the register and counter, which could contribute to a bad customer experience. Include the importance of restaurant sanitation in employee training to keep every part of your facility clean and to ensure customer satisfaction.

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